White show
2/3/4 performers

Immersive white fairytale
Step into a world of wonder and magic with our enchanting white LED show. Immerse yourself in a fairytale atmosphere as you experience a truly captivating performance that will transport you to another world.The show begins with the appearance of a white hatter, who sets the stage for the magical experience that is about to unfold. Then, two interactive jellyfish float through the air, delighting guests with their playful and mesmerizing movements.
Then mysterious characters take the stage, dressed in ethereal white costumes and spinning LED props. Their movements are slow and graceful, creating intricate patterns of light and movement that will leave you captivated.
The LED props and set design create a dazzling display of light, adding to the dreamlike atmosphere of the show

The Queen
in 2/3/4 performers show
The Prince
In 2/3/4 performers show
The Hatter
In 3/4 performers show
The Princess
In 4 performers show
Silly Jellyfish
In 2/3/4 performers show
Billy Jellyfish
In 2/3/4 performers show
Choreographed show 2/3/4 performers - 7mins 44secs
LED props must be prepared on stage before show begins

Freestyle set - 10 mins

Interaction moment with guests

For choreographed show
-Stage minimum 3 meters depth x 4 meters width
-Blackout preferred but not 100% necessary
-Ceilings 2.5 meters minimum

Other requirements:
Separated dressing room
4 chairs, table and electrical socket
Travel expenses

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