Mirror show
2 performers

Magic mirrors
Warriors of light, fantasy iron birds, samurai - you are free to interpret these characters in your own unique way.
What truly sets this show apart is the stunning and unusual original mirror costumes worn by the performers. These costumes, combined with the mesmerizing light props used throughout the performance, create a breathtaking experience.
The beauty of combination of the costumes and props will leave you spellbound with a dazzling and shimmering effect as mirrors catch the light.

This is a show that celebrates the power of self-reflection and encourages each audience member to see themselves in a new light, just as one would when looking into a mirror.
Experience the magic for yourself and join us for a performance that is sure to leave you with a sense of wonder and inspiration.
Choreographed show 2 performers - 4 min

Freestyle set - 10 mins

For choreographed show
-Stage minimum 2.5 meters depth x 4 meters width
-Stage lighting is needed
-Speakers near stage or monitors on stage

Other requirements:
Dressing room
2 chairs and electrical socket
Travel expenses

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